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About Applecross Nursing Home, Glasgow

Situated in the picturesque, semi-rural district of the Hurlet, on the East Renfrewshire-Glasgow border, Applecross is near the town of Barrhead and conveniently located just a few miles from Silverburn Shopping Centre. Set in extensive, pretty gardens this beautiful Care Home provides residential nursing care in a friendly, caring and professional environment aiming to:

“treat residents with respect and kindness, to protect their human rights by helping them to make individual choices and to promote privacy and dignity.”

Applecross is a family run care home. We care for elderly residents and also have a specialist unit that cares for younger people. Since 1997, Applecross has provided expert care for people with physical disabilities and other illnesses that require short-term or long-term nursing support. Recognising the unique needs of each individual, our highly trained and professional, caring staff aim to meet the needs of each person through a carefully designed and individualised care plan.

Each person is unique, and we understand that, when it becomes necessary, moving into a Care facility can be a difficult process for all involved. Consequently, we work with each resident and their family members loved ones to create personalized care plans, taking account of the important necessities and the little details to ensure the best possible care.

“We aim to promote independence in a positive and happy environment”

Applecross Nursing Home provides first class 24-hour specialist clinical care and support in a stimulating environment for elderly residents and people with physical disabilities. Our team of highly qualified and dedicated staff really focus on the individual needs of residents. They are committed to providing professional and respectful care, with a sense of fun for all residents, whilst maintaining exceptional standards. These standards stretch across the board, not just in relation to the care we provide, but also in our hospitality, housekeeping, maintenance and administrative services. Everyone has the same goal; to support and provide the best care and service that they can.

  1. Residents are encouraged to express choice. Their preferences and personal tastes are respected; they will be encouraged to continue life according to their lifestyle prior to admission to the home.
  2. Our aim is to maintain the individuality of our residents as if he/she were in his/her own home and able to manage for him/herself. As far as possible, daily routines and interests are maintained and likes, dislikes, personal possessions and choice of clothing are respected.
  3. The privacy and dignity of the residents is maintained at all times despite the fact that many are not able to do this for themselves. The care staff will act on behalf of the resident in this respect.
  4. The individual strengths and abilities of each resident are assessed. Retention of skills and abilities is promoted and therefore independence, however limited, is maintained.

Tailored Care Plans

No two people are the same. As such, the multi-disciplinary team at Applecross Nursing Home will put together a tailored care plan for each resident based on a thorough assessment. This plan is then regularly reviewed to identify any changing needs and ensure that a consistent and appropriate level of care is provided at all times. We work in conjunction with residents, their families, local GPs and community agencies to ensure the best possible package of care and support is available to every resident.

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We aim to make sure our residents have a social life, enjoy the cuisine, and decorate their room to suit their personality. We want to make every single resident feel at home, and with a range of clinical expertise, we are able to do just that. For more information about the services provided at Applecross Nursing Home, get in touch today.

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    Living at Applecross

    We work with each resident and their loved ones to create a personalised care plan, taking account of the important necessities as well as the little details to ensure the best experience possible.